Friday, February 20, 2009

Paid to Click sites

PTC or Paid to Click sites: these sites will pay you to click and view ads for a given time (10 seconds to 30 seconds.) Paid to click sites offer spaces for advertisers and we as members of the site are paid for viewing on those ads. There are no skill requirements involved in being a member of these sites. Knowledge on basic Internet will do. These PTC sites are FREE TO JOIN.

Paid to click sites offer $ 0.005 to $ 0.01 per click on ads or websites. There are a lot of people who have given up on PTC’s because they feel frustrated on their earnings. Having a positive mindset, dedication and willingness will help you achieve success on PTC’s. While there are people who gave up on PTC’s, there are people who SUCCEEDED and EARN $200 - $1300per MONTH perhaps even more because the earning potential on PTC’s is ENDLESS. It isIMPORTANT that you would be an ACTIVE in clicking and viewing ads to maximize your earning potential.

How to earn in paid to click sites:

1.Clicking and viewing advertisements and websites.

2. Referral clicks – when your referral clicks on an ad, the PTC site will give you a commission. THE COMMISSION WILL COME FROM THE PTC SITE NOT FROM THE EARNINGS OF YOUR REFERRAL. Most sites will give you commissions from 1st level referrals while other up to 2nd level.

3. Promoting or finding advertisers for them.

BEWARE OF SCAMS! There are lots of Paid to click sites that run on scam. There are lots of forums discussing which PTC’s are good and those that are scams, it would be useful to read them to protect you from scams. Google the sites first before joining.

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Before registering to the following sites you must have a paypal and alertpay account. Click the following links to register if you do not have an existing paypal and alertpay account.


Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.




NEOBUX( The #1 most trusted PTC)

4-5 ads per day for standard members $0.01 per view $0.005 per referral clicks


7 ads per day for standard members $0.01 per view $0.005 per referral clicks

5+ ads per day $0.003 per view 30% referral clicks


7 ads per day $0.01 per click for standard members $0.05 per referral clicks
4-5 ads per day $0.01 per click for standard members $0.05 per referral clicks
MatrixMails - Get paid
Paid to click, Paid to read, Paid to Write site
Been in the industry since 2002 and has been one of the most trusted sites in the internet.

Paid to click and Paid to read website.

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